Savoir faire

Ethically selected
Although bold in appearance, Jennifer Noble’s bags are crafted with a conscience:
for her, skins of the highest quality. Each skin is hand-selected
when purchased and further handpicked when used for a specific bag design.
Many different types of exotic skins are chosen to ideally complement
one another in colour, finish, texture and rarity.

Hand Crafted in France
Iris Noble embraces a return to traditional techniques and savoir-faire.
Production in modelist Robert Mercier’s atelier outside Paris and in Paris further ensures
that the Iris Noble line is exclusively made in France and committed to excellence. Incredibly luxurious and refined,
the interior of the bags are lined with the same attention to detail: interior pockets come in suede or baby lamb,
and metallic buckles, sleek rivets and zippers are sourced from French, family-owned companies.
Altogether, the Iris Noble brand uses no synthetic materials.

Photos: Still Life by Hélène Bergaz, Atelier by Matthieu Salvaing.